For Parents

Here at Fairway Primary School we are proud of how our pupils use the internet and other forms of ICT to support their learning. As a result, we encourage children to use the internet to support their learning at home. We want to give our children all the skills they need to become competent and safe users of the internet.

What do we do in school to help your child stay safe online?

Each term we discuss E-Safety as a class and through assemblies. Children are given the opportunity to ask any questions they may have.  We encourage the children to report any concerns they have to the adults in school and these are passed on to the Curriculum Subject Leader and if necessary, the Designated Safeguarding Lead.

What can I do, as a parent or guardian,  to help my child stay safe online?

1. Enable Parental Controls on your home internet. To learn how to do this, click this link below.


2. Encourage your child to use ‘Safe Search’ search engines. All the links below have stronger restrictions.

3. Be aware of how your child is accessing the internet. Although the legal age requirement to have Facebook is 13, some children still access and use Facebook. You need to help them ensure their Facebook privacy settings are restricted.

Facebook has a site designed to help you with your privacy settings and keeping your family safe online:


and BT has this helpful PDF all about how to set the right privacy settings in Facebook:

Facebook Safety Settings

There are also many games, including X-Box live and Play Station Network, that allow children to communicate with others whilst gaming.

4. Have regular conversations with your child about their use of the internet. Click the image below as it provides a simple way of getting the message of E-Safety across to your child.


For Kids

Here are some links and games to help you learn how to stay safe online:

CBBC Childnet International

KS1 Cartoon on E-Safety

KS2 Cartoon on E-Safety