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Fantastic Fairway! 

Hi there Year 5! Welcome to a new half term. I hope that you have been able to enjoy the sunshine and have been keeping safe and well.

This half term we will be continuing to look at Italy for a few more weeks yet and I have some great challenges for you to try. Don’t forget to send me pictures, photos and emails of what you have done so that I can keep topping up those dojos! We have a new email address:

Good Luck!

Mrs Woffenden x

Wednesday 15th July

Challenge 1: Spaghetti Structures

Spaghetti is one of the most famous of all Italian foods! This week however I don’t want you to cook with it – I’d like you to build with it! Using small marshmallows you can create awesome structures (for a non-food version you could always use sticks, straws and blue-tak). See what crazy creation you can make and then send me a photograph of your structure!

Challenge 2: I spy!

Galileo Galilei is one of the world’s most famous scientists from the 16th and 17th Centuries. He invented a special type of telescope that he used to discover four of Jupiter’s moons! He also discovered the rough nature of the surface of the moon and recorded both sunspots and stars that were invisible to the naked eye. One of his most famous discoveries was how gravity affects objects – he dropped two balls of different weights but the same size from the leaning tower of Pisa, and they both hit the ground at the same time. This proved that the weight of an object doesn’t affect how fast it falls. Try investigating gravity and air resistance by dropping two objects from the same height. Which hits the ground first? Why? Can you find objects that are different but hit the ground at the same time?

Challenge 3: Lupo delle ore

For this challenge I want you to have a go at some of these traditional Italian games. Lupo delle ore or ‘What time is it Mr Wolf?’,  is a great place to start as you probably already know the rules!

Traditional Italian Games

Challenge 4: Football Italia!

Italian’s are very passionate about football. There are some legendary rivalries  between clubs and they have claimed ownership of the World Cup 4 times (only one behind Brazil). There have been many famous Italian players over the years that have also inspired young footballers all over the globe – Gianluigi Buffon is my favourite, who is yours?  In honour of their national sport, I would like you to have a go at making your own home version. Click on one of the images below in order to find the instructions – although they are pretty obvious!

Wednesday 8th July

Well come the ‘V’ cities Year Five!

We are going to have the theme of ‘V’ for this week’s activities as we take a trip around Italy visiting Venice, Verona and Verese!

Challenge 1: Venice!

Venice is known as the floating city. It is beautiful and there are very few roads – the most common method of transportation is the gondola! So, for this challenge I’d like you to try and make your own gondola! You could make one from paper by trying out the links below:


 Challenge 2: Off to Verona!

Verona is famous for being the city of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet!

For this challenge I want you to translate one of the famous scenes into a text message conversation. It could be between Romeo and Juliet themselves or maybe between Juliet and Nurse. Remember your performances from last year and have a go!

Challenge 3: Varese Views

Varese is in the Alps in the north of Italy. It is also the site of one of Italy’s UNESCO world heritage sites: Sacro Monte di Varese. Built in 1604, it has a 2 kilometre cobbled holy road which boasts 14 different chapels. It is also home to an astronomical observatory and the Prealpino Geophysical Centre.

For this challenge you have 2 tasks:

  1. Create your own chapel – it could be made from sticks and leaves out in some woods as an homage to the natural world or you could research these chapels and make another using sketches, drawings or cardboard boxes!

      2. How high can you get? Make sure you have an adult with you and see if you can climb somewhere high up and see if you have a different view of a space. How does the view                 make you feel? How does it change your perceptions of this area for you? Is it more magnificent? Or strange?

Wednesday 1st July

Welcome to a very wet Wednesday Year Five, this week we will be investigating Leonardo da Vinci!

Leonardo da Vinci is a famous historical figure but he was famous in so many areas – artist, scientist, inventor, mathematician, engineer, writer and musician!

Click here to join Dick and Dom as they discover more about the inventions of Leonardo da Vinci!

Challenge 1: Mona Lisa

Da Vinci painted the famous Mona Lisa which now hangs in The Louvre in Paris. I would like you to use your sketching skills to recreate it! You can just try to recreate the same image or you could perhaps sketch someone at home or from a photograph. Look carefully at the colours and style of the original and then make it your own!

Challenge 2: Secret messages?

Leonardo da Vinci wrote backwards! It is assumed that this was because when using a quill and ink, it took time to dry. If you used mirror writing then this would not be a problem as you would not smudge your work and could continue without having to wait for your writing to dry. It could also have been a way for him to protect his work – as it was difficult for others to read unless they had a mirror of course! Although Leonardo could also write conventionally, it would have taken lots of time and been a real chore for him! Can you write any messages for me to decode? Send them to our home learning email!

Challenge 3: Make an ornithopter

Flight was of particular interest to da Vinci. He studied the flight of birds and created plans for flying machines that resemble hang gliders and helicopters. Ornithopters work by achieving flight through flapping of wings. Below are two different ways of making your own ornithopter – one by using lollysticks and wire, the other a more simple folded paper version – which will you choose to try?

Don’t forget to send me pictures to let me know how you get on!

Challenge 4: Advantages of advertising!

I bet you could name lots of adverts that you see on television which are for a variety of different products. This is definitely the information age – it is easy to get your ideas out there on social media, by posters and making adverts. This was not so simple in da Vinci’s time. You would personally have to tell people all about your ideas!

I want you to research da Vinci’s inventions and then design an advert for one of them. How will you persuade people to be interested in his invention – do you want them to buy it or to invest so that the design can go into production?

Consider your audience, how to make your poster eye-catching and what you want from the people who see it! Don’t forget to send me a picture of your advert so that I can award lots of dojos!



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