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 Welcome to Year 6

Hi there Year 6. Mrs N (Miss H) here!

It is very quiet in school and I am missing you all. I hope you are enjoying time with your family. I want to use this page as a bit of an information page for Year 6. Tweet or email the school pictures of work/activities/things you are proud of – it would be fantastic to see what you all are up to.

Please remember in this tricky time, YOU are all AWESOME!

A message to parents from the Local Authority

Wednesday 8th April

Hi Year 6,

We had an exciting day on Saturday: it was James Brown’s (my dog’s) birthday! I have added a Maths challenge to try and work out how old he turned – I wouldn’t let you know that easily! 🙂 Guess James Brown’s birthday – click to see the clues.

I also helped Mr Niblock prepare a decorate-an-egg competition entry. I wonder if you can guess all the egg jokes that are included in the picture below! Email me anything Easter-related that you are making – I would love to see them.

I found a lovely video on a favourite teaching website of mine. I have turned it into a game of I-Spy.

Skim and Scan I-Spy

Thank you for the emails this week, especially to those who had a go at the maths challenge below. Congratulations to those who completed it!

Wednesday 1st April

Hi all,

This week, James Brown and I have been enjoying yoga each day, having a good sort of the cellar and enjoying some puzzles. Have I been practising my French? Bien sur (of course)!!

I’ve included a story (here) that I was emailed this week by an awesome writer in our class! AND thank you for the emails to see who has been having a go at the SPaG emoji puzzle (see Vocab Ninja emoji puzzle below).

If you fancy a puzzle, I saw this that you could all have a go at…remember to persevere (keep trying and don’t give up!).

To complete the puzzle, you add two numbers, that are next to each other, together. Then the total is written in the box above them.

For example: 14 + 21 = 35. So I would write 35 in the box above those two numbers.

I’ve also found a pretty cool book whilst I was having a tidy…


Monday 30th March

I have found a cool emoji challenge for you all!

Can you work out the hidden SPaGs in this Emoji Challenge? It can be found on Vocabulary Ninja Twitter page.

I’ll give you an answer for free! Answer 8 is A-Post-Trophy…apostrophe…

I haven’t got them all yet…email the school or post on twitter if you find all the answers! See if you can beat me!

Twitter Post if you want to see the picture a little more clearly!


Below, I have attached some ideas for learning for you to access. There’s also lots of learning ideas on Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest that all children could enjoy so I will also include some of those.


I would love to see how your project on Evolution is going, so please e mail me updates or post them on the school Twitter page!

For your topic, I have found lots of Powerpoints/videos/fact sheets/websites…

Charles Darwin video

Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace video

What is evolution?

Charles Darwin fact sheet

Alfred Wallace Powerpoint

Voyage of the Beagle

Best-selling children’s  author and TV star David Walliams is to read an audio story every day for a month. Click on the link to watch!
David Walliams
Oxford Owl (link below) offers FREE e-books via their website, all you need to do is create a login. Lots of books, both Fiction and Non-Fiction, that we use in school are available along with interactive teaching resources and activities. Definitely worth a look!
Oxford Owl


Another way to borrow books to read or listen to for free is through your local library and an APP called BorrowBox. All you need to do is download the App and then login with your library account details that can be found on your library card- simple! If you don’t have an account, you can sign up for one online:
Obviously, I want to hear all about what you have been reading while school is closed. If you would like to review one of your books, click the link or create your own book review. Each book review will be worth 5 tickets in our reading raffle when we get back to school!
Book review template

There are lots of audio books on Youtube – we listened to all of those Roald Dahl books in the last week from Youtube. They are lovely to share with siblings or family, or even just to listen by yourself when you’re having a relax. You could even use an audio book for your book review.

Harry Potter and the Philsopher’s Stone: Harry Potter audio book

Have some fun with your writing and have a look through some of these creative writing prompts. Choose one and complete the writing challenge. I can’t wait to read some of these by e mail or when we are back at school!
Creative writing challenges
Some of these writing prompts may be useful to all you budding authors!
Adverbials for cohesion mat
Higher level vocab
Sentence types

Colour Thesaurus


There are lots of great videos on the website Literacy Shed. These are great places to start to inspire different styles of writing.

Literacy Shed

I will include my favourite below. Think about what type of writing you could do for this video: a diary from the perspective of the divers; a description of the action and setting; or a commentary from a person watching the diving competition.

Diving Giraffes

In this folder are some of the weekly spelling tests we use through Year 6. If you want to learn beyond the 3 weeks we have given in your folders, you are more than welcome!

1. Hyphen prefixes

2. Hyphen homophones

3. Hyphen compounds

4. Unstressed vowels

8. Prefix circ, tele, trans

9. Prefix min, magn, multi

10. Latin Roots

11. Suffix en, ify, ate

13. Suffix ity

14. Letter string ial, ious

15. Roots and Affixes

16. Roots and Affixes

17. Roots and Affixes

18. Roots and Affixes

19. Roots and Affixes

20. Roots and Affixes

Here is a list of those tricky words which you need to learn over the course of Year 5 and 6.
Year 5 and 6 NC spellings
If you want to mix up the way you learn your spellings, use this selection of simple ideas. Many of these we already use in school.
Spelling ideas
Spelling Activities


White Rose Maths

White Rose have released clips linked to some topics in maths to support your learning. There are also ‘Problems of the Day’ to get those brains busy!
White Rose Maths lessons
Remember to keep working on your times tables using Times Tables Rockstars. I hope to be seeing a lot more Rock Legends and Rock Heros!


I have included below the SATs practise papers from previous years. As scary as they might seem to some, these tests are super for looking at tricky word problems.

SATs Maths 2019

SATs Maths 2018

SATs Maths 2017

Additional Resources

Well Being Pack
Great range of crafty ideas


Join in a 20 minute daily PE session with Joe Wicks. We are doing this in school each day- it would be lovely to all be doing the same lesson together!


PE with Joe
Relax and get energised with these wonderful ‘Cosmic Yoga’ sessions. Again, this is a session we are doing at school each day as well.
Cosmic Yoga for kids
If you love a bit of historical fact finding, then use these links to find out more about your chosen time period.
BBC History
Practical guide to supporting your child’s learning at home and a home learning pack from Classroom Secrets Kids

Year 6 home learning pack
Use this time to learn a bit of sign language with Natasha Lamb.
Learn sign Language
Twinkl  is offering parents a one month Ultimate Membership totally free of charge.
Twinkl Educational Publishing
Enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS


You can find answers to the maths and grammar hammer sheets given in your packs by clicking on the links below.

If you are struggling with some of the Year 6 grammar, here are some videos and learning tips here: Grammar tip

Don’t feel you have to mark them but if you want to see how you’ve got on, have a look!

Links coming soon.

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