Sean’s Bake Sale for Cancer Awareness

At Fairway Primary there is an extraordinary fundraiser emerging. Sean McCarthy in Year 5 has had experiences of dealing with Cancer in his family and so asked Mr Carroll if he could hold a bake sale to raise money for Cancer Awareness.

On his own, Sean created posters to advertise his sale, gathered his friends to help support him and organised the event. Sean even spent hours at home baking cakes and biscuits to sell to other children at school.

Sean said that he wanted people to be more aware of cancer and hoped that the money from his bake sale would help research to find a cure.

Mr Carroll said “I am so proud of Sean and what he has achieved. He showed independence in organising the event himself and very quickly gathered support from all of the Fairway community. I am equally proud of his friends as they showed tremendous support”.

In total, Sean raised £197.50 for Cancer Research and plans to continue to raise more money for worthy causes. Well done Sean!

Seans Bake Sale Feb 2016

 Charlie, Toby, Sean and Keane selling the last few cakes that they have!


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