Fun Activities for Everyone!

Hi there!

For those of you that are looking for additional fun activities to do once you have completed your home learning challenges, have a look here to find links to websites full of interesting ideas to try!


Try some great hands-on Science experiments using basic ingredients in your own home!


Casting a banishing charm on boredom!

A collection of stories read by Nick Cannon. Ideal for Reception, Yr 1 or Yr 2 children.

Instantly stream an incredible collection of books!

Pobble 365. This is a fantastic website for creative writing ideas!

Ideas, story read-alongs and book recommendations for children of all ages.

Listen to the world’s best poetry read aloud.


A draw-along video is posted every Tuesday and Thursday at 10am with illustrator Rob Biddulph. Don’t forget to email or tweet your drawings to school too!

New lessons uploaded at 10.00am and 10.30 am daily.

Learn sign language with these online learning cartoons.

Online yoga stories to follow.

Lots of virtual tours of museums, historical sights and famous places from around the world!

Bringing the zoo to you! Check out the virtual zoo tours here!

Bringing the museum to you! Lots of online exhibitions and displays as well as online resources for learning at home.

Links to lots of Science investigations and online displays.

Have fun at home with these investigations using only one easy to find resource.

Take the Curator’s tour of the National Football Museum strip collection.

Join Anthony Horowitz’s secret agent in this online game and ideas for writing.

Join the Silly Squad for this year’s Summer Reading Challenge!