Restorative Approach


What is a Restorative Approach?


Restorative Approaches provide the foundation to build, maintain and repair relationships positively with the whole school community.

Restorative Approaches helps build respect, responsibility, resolution and reintegration.

There are a range of proactive and responsive Restorative Approaches that schools can use.
Proactive approaches build respect, empathy, social responsibility, emotional intelligence and resilience.
Responsive approaches focus on resolving conflict and addressing wrongdoing and harm.


A Restorative way of working leads to:
• A more respectful climate.
• A shift away from sanction-based responses that aim to ‘manage’ behaviour toward a more relational approach.
• Better relationships amongst children, young people, staff and parents/carers.
• People being more honest and willing to take responsibility.
• People feeling supported when things go wrong.
• A calmer, quieter and more productive learning environment.


We are embarking on our Restorative Approaches journey this year and will be starting with ‘Circles’ as our focus. Each class will have a designated time to carry out their circle on a weekly basis. Please ask the children about the different elements of a circle as there are some specific stages which make this process so effective.

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