Meet the Team

The Community at Fairway Primary School

(new pictures coming soon!)

Miss E Mason – Acting Headteacher

Miss H Peace – Inclusion Leader

Mrs L Riley – Nursery Teacher

Mrs J Spence – Nursery Teacher

Mrs M Price – EYFS Leader/Reception Teacher

Mrs K Meek – EYFS Learning Support

Miss L Murphy – EYFS Learning Support

Mrs M Fuller – Pastoral Leader /Year 1 Teacher

Mrs T Thelwell – Year 1 Learning Support

Mrs Z Murphy – Year 1 Learning Support

Mrs L Bousfield – Year 2 Teacher

Mrs J Hart – Year 2 Learning Support

Mrs K Webster – Year 2 Learning Support

Mr R Young – Year 3 Teacher

Miss A Nawaz – Year 3 Learning Support

Miss K Lee – Year 4 Teacher

Mrs G Nester – Year 4 Learning Support

Mrs A Eyre – Year 5 Teacher

Miss S Whittle – Year 5 Learning Support

Miss A Humphries – Year 6 Teacher

Mrs K Nawaz – Year 6 Learning Support

Mrs Z Woffenden – Class Teacher / Forest School Lead

Mrs K Hardman – School Business Manager

Mrs J Rostron – School Administration Officer

Mr N  – Caretaker

Mrs C Jones – Midday Supervisor

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