Core Subjects

At Fairway our curriculum is innovative, rich and varied. It celebrates all skills and subjects. We focus on English and Mathematics as the foundations for all learning and our academic enrichment activities such as our forest schools and instrumental lessons give our pupils life-changing opportunities. Our curriculum immerses children in first and second hand experience that enables them to draw on prior learning to consolidate and expand their conceptual thinking.

Literacy ‘A celebration of the written word’

Literacy teaching and learning at Fairway seeks to develop an enjoyment of the written and spoken language in all children. It believes that the children should read and write creatively, studying and using the individual word, the phrase, the sentence, the paragraph and the chapter.

We believe that pupil’s text development is enhanced through an active, direct and challenging approach to texts of all kinds. Our structure seeks to combine a variety of creative, stimulating opportunities with access to visual tools, which can compensate for any lack of desire and fluidity shown by pupils.


We deliver a skills based curriculum, in which the basic skills and knowledge required to progress learning are of paramount importance and underpin all learning.  This is true of all areas of our curriculum and equally true of numeracy.

However at Fairway we believe that to become true mathematicians children need to be actively involved in the process of mathematical enquiry.

Maths teaching at Fairway seeks develop young mathematicians through a skills and application approach to numeracy with an enjoyment of all areas including: number, money and measure, shape, position and movement and information handling. We believe that all children should engage and apply with numeracy using the correct terminology by the time children leave Year 6.

We believe that a skills and application approach to Numeracy is the way forward. This philosophy simply states that by providing a problem or challenge initially should provide children with numerous opportunities, to discuss and learn, by identifying the mathematical skills required solving a posing problem or challenge. This learning process continues through teacher led skills whereby the children develop clearer knowledge and understanding throughout, in order to arm themselves with the skills required to complete the challenge successfully.

The application of mathematics is a powerful tool, which through our collaborative approach and continuous monitoring and evaluation enhances children’s knowledge and understanding.

Science Explanation

At Fairway our aim is to develop children’s natural curiosity through practical, engaging and real life scenarios within science.  We begin science by giving the children a real life stimulus to get them talking and asking questions, whilst immersing them in the important scientific knowledge and skills. The children are actively involved through scientific enquiry and we go with the children’s curiosity to help plan exciting experiments and investigations.

From the initial stimulus, the children embark upon a scientific journey which allows the children to think scientifically and to become scientists!

The children are taught scientific skills which are embedded through investigations. They are encouraged to ask questions, predict, work collaboratively, measure, record, interpret their results and evaluate scientific evidence whilst being completely engrossed in hands on, practical and exciting investigations.


With an ever-evolving modern society, the ability to use ICT effectively is an essential life skill for our pupils. As ICT is continually developing and new technologies are emerging, we as a school will strive to give all pupils the skills needed to prepare them for the future.

The Computing Curriculum is embedded into all other subject areas and is used to enhance and compliment many different areas of learning. Children have access to ICT equipment throughout the whole school day and we encourage children to be independent and use their initiative to support their own leaning through the use of ICT. We offer all pupils a huge variety of software and apps that allow for children to use their own creativity.

All children are given the opportunity to develop skills in multimedia, handling data, programming, using technology in our lives and E-safety.