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Welcome to Year 4’s Home Learning Challenges!

We miss you and wanted to share this to show you just how much! Click the link below

Fantastic Fairway!

Welcome to a new half term Year 4! I hope you are all safe and well and are excited to start a new challenge topic with me!

This half term we will be studying South America and I’ve got some crazy challenges for you all to try! Each challenge completed will be worth dojos, so don’t forget to keep me informed of what you’ve done and how it went. Send in lots of photos, videos and anything else so that we can have an amazing gallery of ideas as we go through the half term!

Email them to: 

Mrs Woffenden x

Wednesday 15th July

Welcome to Bolivia! Click on the flag to find out some fascinating facts to help you with this weeks challenges:

Challenge 1: If I ran the rainforest


Part of the Amazon Rainforest is inside Bolivia. There are lots of diverse creatures living here that need protecting from deforestation and hunting.

If you were in charge of the rainforest what protections would you out in place to help keep all of the diverse flora and fauna safe from harm whilst still helping the people of Bolivia?


Challenge 2: On top of the world?

Bolivia is home to the world’s highest city and the world’s highest lake! There are lots of different records held by Bolivia that I’m sure you read about in the fun facts section. Do you think it would be exciting or challenging to live on the highest city in the world?

I want you to think about how you would get things transported to somewhere high up. You could create a lift system from downstairs to upstairs in your house? You could make a rope and stick ladder to climb a tree? You could design a city in the clouds like Cloud City in Star Wars – it is up to you. Don’t forget to send me those pictures though!

Challenge 3: Sneaky Snakes

Whilst up in the highest city you have discovered some fabulous wildlife – and a brand new species of snake! What does it look like? What does it eat? How long is it? Design your snake and then write a factfile all about it so that I can watch out for it next time I go walking!

Challenge 4: Creative Cups!

Well after such a long trip around Bolivia, we should really take a break and have a brew! Then we get to thinking – what else can we use a cup for? Take a look at the link below to find some crafty ideas that you can do with a cup!

Wednesday 8th July

Hi there Year Four – this week we are off to Mexico! Click on the flag below to read some fascinating facts!

Challenge 1: Down in the jungle!

I bet you know this famous song, but if you don’t there’s a link below:

For this challenge I would like you to rewrite the lyrics to include some of your friends and family. Where will you ‘go’? Still to the jungle or to the garden? Or to the woods? Or to a river?

Can’t wait to hear your ideas – you can write them down or make a video? You could even use your maracas from last week to accompany you!

Challenge 2: Mexican Sun Art

Hopefully the sun will be out for us this week and I would like you to make some fabulous Mexican folk art! You will firstly need to cover a paper plate with tin foil and then use some permanent markers to make your design. It will reflect the sun’s rays around your garden (or in your window if it’s raining) and make your home look warm, welcoming and beautiful.

Challenge 3: Taco Tuesday!

Tacos and wraps are very common in Mexican cooking. This week I challenge you to have some Mexican food!

Here are a few recipes that you may want to try, just click on the image for the link to the recipe!

Challenge 4: Ojo de Dios (God’s Eye)
Ojo de Dios means “eye of God” in Spanish. The Mexican Indians made them for good luck pieces. Cross 2 sticks. Tie wool or string in a knot around the sticks where they cross. Weave the thread over one stick, then around & under, then over the stick toward the next stick. Do this on each stick.  Continue around the square doing the same thing for all the rows. You can change colours whenever you’d like to. Start a new colour by tying it to the end of the last thread.

Have fun explorers!

Wednesday 1st July

We’re off to Argentina!

Argentina is the second largest country in South America after Brazil and I’m sure lots of you will have heard of Lionel Messi or Diego Maradonna. Click below to take a look at some of the most interesting facts about Argentina – it’s famous people, landmarks and beautiful scenery and wildlife!

Challenge 1: Well we can’t visit Argentina without a football related challenge! Let’s set a competition for you Year 4 – get out a football, a ball of socks or even a toilet roll! Next how many keepy-uppies can you complete in 1 minute? It doesn’t matter which body part you use as long as the ball doesn’t touch the floor!

Let’s join Messi in a challenge against Neymar to show what to do!

Challenge 2: Shake those maracas!

We are going to use different things from around your house to make this musical instrument. There are 2 different methods here – either using plastic spoons and plastic eggs or using egg boxes. Choose whichever one you prefer or have the equipment for and click on the links below for the instructions!



Challenge 3: Eco-power!

I’m afraid that we’re not designing superheroes – we are trying to be superheroes! One of the biggest challenges facing Argentina is being able to harness clean, sustainable energy. In the UK we are using the natural elements to help us: wind and the sun.

One way that you could address this challenge is by making paper windmills to capture the energy in the wind – consider:

Does the amount of blades make a difference to the speed that your windmill spins? Can you design a range of different styles of windmill?

Or you could consider the energy from the sun. Can you find a way to heat water using the energy from the sun? You could fill a tube or container with water – where could you put it to get the warmest? When we tried this investigation we managed to heat water from 15 degrees C to 41 degrees C in just 2 hours! The air temperature was 24 degrees and we managed to get it much hotter than that!

What will you choose? What will you find out?

Make sure you make a note of your investigation results so that we can compare the most effective methods!


Challenge 4: Dear Diary…

Let’s add to our travel diary. Based on the information in our factfile or on videos that you have watched, can you write a diary entry for your trip to Argentina? What did you do? What animals did you encounter? Which famous people did you meet? Did you go to any sporting or musical events? Did you visit any national landmarks? If you prefer, you could always take a famous Argentinean and write a factfile all about them!

Good Luck with this week’s ‘visit’ to Argentina Year 4 – don’t forget to send in those photos or videos letting me know which challenges you have completed so that I can keep giving out those dojos!




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