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These suggestions are outlined to help you, help your child continue to grow and become an independent and confident learner.  However we do understand that all achievements are worth recognition. It may be that your child learns to do something new or overcomes something particularly challenging. No matter how big or small these triumphs are all important moments in your child’s life and maybe yours too!

These occasions are always worth recognition so do share them on Evidence Me or feel free to pick up a Magic Moment slip from school so we can celebrate them in school too!


Develop Resilience

Encourage your child to keep trying even when they find something difficult. Praise those times when they don't give up or have a go. Occasionally give a reward, often your words and recognition are reward enough and that feeling of pride will go a long way! 

It could be something small like finishing a puzzle or bigger like learning how to ride a bike.


Enjoy a Story Book or Nursery Rhyme

Each day look at a picture book or sing a nursery rhyme together. This could be one of their favourites or a new one. Talk about what they see in the illustrations of the book. It can be a great way of developing language and construct a better understanding of the world. Singing rhymes helps children begin to hear the rhythm and rhyme of words for early reading and writing. 

Try developing this further by making up your own story or changing a familiar nursery rhyme to create your own version!


Evidence Me Challenges

We will send challenges throughout the term via the Evidence me App for you to complete at home with your child. These are designed to compliment the learning your child will do in school and give them a chance to consolidate their understanding of new skills. 

They are also intended to be fun so we hope you enjoy doing them.