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Friday 8th January 2021


Good morning!


Today's tasks are:



Reading - Have a go at completing this reading and comprehension task about Fidget spinners - attached below!


English - Visit this link:


A verb is an action word. Watch the video to recap and then have a go at the activity and the quiz to test your knowledge! 

Then try writing some silly sentences using your own verbs.

(e.g. Miss Lee waved her arms wildly when she saw her lovely Year 3s.)


Maths - Your maths activity today is find 3D objects that match the ones on the attached sheet. Can you find them all? Which ones were tricky to locate?


P.E - Have a go at the Joe Wicks video:


Thursday 7th January 2021


Hello Year 3s! 


Today's tasks are:


Reading - A reading comprehension about Tim Peake. You can either print off the questions if you have a printer at home or just write the answers out on some paper. Be careful as the answers are also attached! You can use the answers to mark your work carefully when finished.


English - A task about Homophones. Homophones are words that sound the same but have different meanings. If you're not sure, you can use a dictionary or search the internet for the correct meanings to help you.


Maths - A 2D Shape hunt! Look around your house for different 2D shapes. Can you identify what shape they are? How do you know? How many sides and corners do they have? Try and use your mathematical language to describe what you have found!


PSHE - It's the start of a new year - have a think about a new years resolution! You might want to learn a new skill such as riding your bike or playing a musical instrument... perhaps you would like to improve your French? Or try harder in a subject at school? Or even take up a dance class? Write it down on paper or draw a picture to show it.


Links for the sheets can be found underneath. 


Thank you!