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We take pride in Fairway Primary School being a popular choice of school in our local community.  If you’re interested in learning more about your child attending Fairway Primary School please contact us to arrange a  tour of the school. 





Fairway Primary School, is a maintained Primary School. SBMC are the admissions authority. Fairway employs the services of the Local Authority to administer the admissions policy and respond to the Independent Appeals Panel in order to ensure that all parents/ carers receive the same service and the system remains fair and transparent to all. 


The arrangements for admissions, which include the  criteria used to determine the allocation of places when the school is oversubscribed, are in line with Stockport Local Authority Guidance.

(Please see below for Admissions Policy)


The school’s published admission number (PAN) agreed for admission to the Reception Year is 30. If no more than 30 applications are received for admission to the Reception Year, all applicants will be offered places.


52 part time children may be admitted to the Nursery class.


The school will admit all children having a statement of special educational needs or an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) in whose statement or EHCP the school is named.



Parents/ Carers need to apply for a place in school at the following stages in their child's education:

  • Nursery
  • Reception
  • Year 7

It is important that Parents/ Carers adhere to the deadline dates as this could affect their child securing a place in the school of their choice.


Please note the application deadlines stated below:


Admission TypesBirth dates betweenApplication closing dateOffer date

Nursery -

Consideration for January 2024 start

1 September 2020 -

31 December 2020

31 October 2023Late November 2023

Nursery -

Consideration for April 2024 start

1 September 2020 -

31 March 2021

15 February 2024March 2024

Nursery -

September 2024

1 September 2020 -

31 August 2021

31 March 202418 May 2024
Primary (Reception) - September 2024 15 January 202416 April 2024
Secondary (Year 7) - September 2024 31 October 20231 March 2024




Please see the links below which explain the process and provide access to the online application system. If we can assist in any way please feel free to contact the school office on 0161 483 1873.

All applications for the main intakes referred to above must be made online and by the set deadlines.

We can provide general advice only as places are allocated centrally and not by the school. 


Parents should be aware that :

  • A place in the Fairway Primary School Nursery does not guarantee a place in the Reception Class at our school.
  • A place in Fairway Primary School’s Year 6 Class does not guarantee a place at your preferred high school.




All children are entitled to 15 hours every week once they reach the age of three.


If you wish your child to attend Fairway Primary School's Nursery provision you will need to apply for a place through school admissions.


You want to take up the 15 hours only.


We offer two attendance patterns:

Monday all day, Tuesday all day, Wednesday up to 11.30am.

Wednesday from 12.30pm, Thursday all day, Friday all day.


If you are eligible for 30 hours your child can attend full time.


You will need to provide your details alongside your thirty hours code to the school office.  You will need to refresh your code on a termly basis.


If you are not eligible for 30 hours but require additional hours, subject to availability school can offer 'top up' hours. 


There is an additional cost for this service.

£25 full day

£12.50 half day

This needs to be paid in advance on a half term basis.  This charge is non refundable and holds your child's place for that half term.


If you wish your child to have a school lunch this can be provided at an additional cost.


Link to admissions application process

Nursery Provision -  

see if you are eligible for 30 Hours