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Autumn 2



We are reading a range of non- fiction texts in order to find out information about our Solar System.

Later this half term, we are reading an exciting story called 'The Green Book' by Jill Paton which is about a refugee family that have to leave Earth to live on a distant planet. Our reading and writing lessons focus on these key texts.


The children will be learning how to write an effective non- chronological report and an effective  character description/dialogue.

Teaching and learning will focus upon:


  • Collecting and using a wide vocabulary from reading and topic.
  • Choosing precise vocabulary: expanded noun phrases and prepositional phrases
  • Using a range of punctuation consistently and correctly.
  • Starting sentences using a range of openers.
  • Using a range of sentence structures.
  • Using a neat, joined handwriting style. 
  • Editing and improving their writing using a purple polishing pen. 




We begin the half term by learning how to measure and calculate perimeter. We then focus on multiplying and dividing by 10,100 and 1000. We extend our knowledge of mental and written multiplication and division calculation strategies. After that we will work to improve our understanding of converting measures. Also, identifying, measuring and drawing angles.




This half term, we are exploring the topic of Earth and Space.


Our BIG question is: ' Can we navigate safely through the Solar System to get back to Earth?'


On our exciting hook day, the children will become space tourists who have won a competition to travel to a distant planet- the trip of a lifetime! Technical problems will cause the space craft to do an emergency landing somewhere in Space! The children must investigate the Solar System in order to know where they have landed.They must become experts of the relation between the Earth and Moon so that they can navigate safely home. 


By the end of our topic, the children will communicate their knowledge and vocabulary through attending a press conference on return to Earth. They will answer questions explaining the scientific knowledge that helped them to navigate successfully.