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What do we buy King Tut for his birthday?


This term, the children are exploring and learning about the Ancient Egyptians.

This will be through lots of different activities, subjects and investigations.


Already this half term, the children visited Egypt, met Howard Carter and helped to excavate Tutankhamun's tomb. It was a fantastic day!


The rest of the topic will be a mixture of History, Science, Art, and Design and Technology lessons.

The children will explore the following questions or statements each week:


Where and when did the Ancient Egyptians live?

Who are we buying a present for?

Was King Tut’s life like ours?

What could we buy in King Tut’s town?

What toys and games did King Tut like?

Design wrapping paper suitable for an Egyptian king.

How could we deliver his present?

What did King Tut believe in?

What happened to King Tut?

Why was he found in a pyramid?


Then at the end of our topic, the child will reflect on their learning, share what they found most interesting and then decide what we should buy Tutankhamun for his birthday.





Our Reading and Writing lessons, and the texts that have been chosen to share, run along side our topic.

The children have already read a setting description from the book Cleopatra which helped them to plan and write their own setting description about an Egyptian market.


For the rest of the half term, the children will read and share the book Egyptian Cinderella. This is a lovely story that allows the children to explore the Ancient Egyptian topic more, whilst comparing it to the traditional Cinderella story.

From this, the children will write a character description of the pharaoh, Amasis.


The class will also use this book to learn about different points of view of the characters. They will gather arguments from two sides and then debate as the characters. Who should marry the pharaoh?


The children will also write and perform a poem about the River Nile. We will use the book, We're Sailing Down The Nile, to help the children with ideas and how to structure it.





In Maths this half term, the children will begin with number and place value. This involves reading, writing and comparing numbers to 100. The children will also start to learn the value of 2-digit numbers and how to make them.

Using lots of resources (place value counters and number lines) will help the children understand numbers to 100.

Throughout the half term, number and place value is constantly revisited through magic 10 to ensure that the children are confident with these facts.


From here, the children can then move onto addition and subtraction. As a class, we will think about mental methods and revise recalling addition and subtraction facts to 20. Again, using concrete objects and pictures, the children will build their understanding.


The class will visit geometry to learn about the properties of 2D and 3D shape.


We will work on fractions and build the children's knowledge on finding thirds, halves and quarters of a shape, or a set of objects.


Finally, we will work on money. For this topic, the children will learn about the value of £ and p. They will solve problems using money and find different combinations of coins to make the same amount.