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What should we buy King Tut for his birthday?


This term's topic is Ancient Egyptians.


We are going on an adventure into the past to see how King Tutankhamun and other Ancient Egyptians lived.


The children have already met Howard carter who shared his story of finding the tomb of Tutankhamun and now the children will learn about this Ancient pharaoh, with the focus of thinking what they should get him for a birthday present!


This investigation question will lead the children into their learning about:

- a modern Egyptian Artist,

- the River Nile,

- mummification,

- Egyptian Gods and religious beliefs,

- and the pyramids.


The term will finish with the children planning on what they would buy King Tut for his birthday present.





Our Reading and Writing lessons, and the texts that have been chosen to share, run along side our topic.


To begin the second half of Autumn term , the children will continue to read and write using the text, Egyptian Cinderella - the delightful book that puts a twist on the traditional tale.

The children will use this book for drama and acting.

In class, we will debate as the characters over the question:

Who should marry the pharaoh?

This will give the children an opportunity to share their own opinions and views about the characters, which will show a greater understanding of the book. It will also allow the children to practise speaking and listening skills, and increase confidence when speaking in front of others.


Teh next book we shall use for Reading and Writing is, You wouldn't want to be an Egyptian mummy!

This book is always exciting to share as it has the entire mummification process chopped up into small parts for children to really explore.

The class will use this book to write instructions. 


The last book we will look at is,

Who built the pyramid?

In this book, different people argue that it was they who built the pyramid. We will use this book to explore different roles in Ancient Egypt, especially all the people who were involved in building the pyramid, and the children will then be assigned a character.

Writing in the style of the book, the children will argue it was they who built the Great Pyramid!




In Maths, this half term, the children will begin with Place Value. This is an important unit to support other areas of learnign in Maths. The children will break down numbers to understand where they fit in the number system, how they can be made from tens and ones, and how they are read and written correctly.


From here, the children will move onto addition and subtraction. As a class, we will revise number bonds to 20, which then will lead to supporting children's addition and subtraction facts to 100. The class will earn how find related facts and spot patterns.


Next, the children will have geometry. I would like the children to become fluent in the names of 2D and 3D shapes and start to recognise and talk about the properties of shapes (how many sides, edges, vertices and faces they have).


From here, we will work on fractions and build the children's knowledge on finding thirds and quarters of a shape, or a set of objects. Alongside this, we will work in Magic 10 and Ambitious Arithmetic (or Cat Maths as my Year 2s call it!) on finding fractions of amounts.


To end the term, we will begin looking at money. The children will be asked to find totals of amounts and investigate what different coins can be used to make a particular total.