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In English this half term we are learning the poem If by Rudyard Kipling which we will learn by heart and recite to other children in school.

In writing we are writing a setting description using the senses and including high level punctuation such as ; : and speech punctuated accurately with inverted commas. We are thinking about building tension using a range of author devices.


We are following that with a unit of newspaper report writing based on the well known story Beowulf. on emotions.



In maths this half term we are

  • revisiting place value, working with numbers to 10,000,000 
  • working with all four number operations (+ - x ÷) including problem solving and reasoning
  • common factors and multiples
  • square and prime numbers
  • laws of divisibility



Our work this half term is focused on art and design and history.

In art we are looking at, and taking inspiration from the work of Gustav Klimt.

We will be developing our own ideas using of a range of media including textiles.

This unit of work is followed by a history block of work on the Anglo Saxon and Viking struggle for power in England to the time of Edward the Confessor. 

Through our studies we will answer the following questions:

  • What was England like after the Romans left?
  • Who were the Anglo Saxons and how did they get here?
  • What was life like for the Anglo Saxons?
  • How was England separated into regions during this time?
  • When did the Vikings invade Britain and why?
  • Where did the Vikings settle?
  • Who was King Alfred?
  • What happened in 1066?