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Fairway Physical Education Curriculum

At Fairway Primary School, our intent is to deliver a PE curriculum which allows children to be physically active for sustained periods of time. 


We aim to equip the children with the knowledge and skills to become competent in a broad range of physical activities We aim for our children to make informed decisions enabling them to lead healthy active lives in order to maintain their own well-being.


At Fairway, we encourage children to EXPLORE new skills and knowledge, develop a good understanding so they KNOW how to apply these skills to different physical activities and be able to COMMUNICATE their learning to others.


During their learning journey at Fairway we want children to develop an understanding of the following key concepts:

  • healthy and active lifestyles
  • performance
  • creativity
  • personal challenge
  • team work


We aim to develop cultural capital in our learners, by exposing them to a range of physical activities.  This will prepare them for the next stage of their education and enable them to become healthy and active citizens.


Inclusion is at the core of our vision and ethos. We have developed opportunities to consider the nine protected characteristics of the Equality Act, British Values and children’s development of Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural education throughout our PE curriculum. We look to develop children’s awareness about the lives of others and this work is constantly changing and developing.


Physical Education learning at Fairway Primary School is carefully planned and sequenced so that new knowledge and skills build on prior learning and provide progression towards end of year and end of key stage expectations.


The organisation of the physical education curriculum allows children’s knowledge, understanding and skills to develop over time.  We aim for the children to make connections in their learning across the areas of PE through participation in quality sessions twice a week.


We have carefully adapted the Val Sabin scheme of work to ensure all aspects of PE are covered across the year.


The key knowledge and skills are mapped out across each year group enabling children to develop their knowledge of games, dance and gymnastics. Outdoor adventurous activity is introduced at the start of Key Stage 2.  Swimming is undertaken in Year 4 and 5. The skills in these areas are developed systematically, with the programme of study for each year group building on previous learning in order to meet the end of Key Stage objectives.


In addition to this we aim for children to have active lunchtimes through the provision of different physical activities.


Through everything we do, we aim to support all children to reach their full potential by enabling children to overcome barriers to learning. Assessment is used to inform next steps in learning ensuring that children are building on their prior knowledge and making appropriate progress according to their ability and age.


Our physical education curriculum enables children to:

  • acquire knowledge and understanding of skills related to physical activity.
  • know the importance of physical activity in helping them maintain a healthy lifestyle, understanding the benefit of physical exercise on their bodies and their mental health.
  • become increasingly competent and confident.
  • communicate, collaborate and compete with each other.
  • learn how to evaluate and recognise their own successes.
  • become resilient, independent learners.