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In Year 4, we have a wide selection of homework for our children to choose from!

This includes: Maths, Spelling, Reading and Topic.

We have a weekly spelling test every Thursday as well as reviewing the children's reading records on a weekly basis.

We would like the children to bring their amazing work to share with the class on

Monday 23th November and Monday 14th December.


Please find more links and information below about each subject!


If you have any issues regarding homework, please do not hesitate to contact me via email on:





At Fairway, children are encouraged to read at home daily. We encourage parents/carers to read with their children, discuss new vocabulary and ask questions to check understanding of their book as well as to support accurate reading.

Children’s reading records must be signed by a parent/carer after hearing them read.

Reading records should be brought to school daily and will be checked by class teachers each week (Thursday).



Spelling is a skill which needs practice – little and often is the key. Encourage your child to learn how to spell a word by writing it down. Copy the new word and say it aloud, look at it carefully, cover the word, write it once, check with the first word and repeat (SAY, LOOK, COVER, WRITE, CHECK). Encourage your child to say a sentence containing the new word to check that they understand its meaning. The children will be given 10 weekly spellings which will be tested on Thursdays and returned in their Reading Records the following day. Please find the weekly spelling lists attached at the bottom of the page.



Like spelling, there are many facts in mathematics that need to be learnt off by heart. This includes rapid recall of number facts and times tables. Practise them little and often, writing them down and playing games.


Your child can access Times Tables Rock Stars to practise their times tables.

You can log on to Times Tables Rockstars by clicking on the following link: 


Maths facts and times tables will also receive ongoing assessment throughout the term. Please find our weekly maths tasks attached at the bottom of the page.


Our Topic this half term is: States of Matter!

The children have received a topic homework grid (front of their homework books) which gives a menu of 9 amazing activities to choose from. These range from Art/DT based activities through to ICT and writing based activities. In Year 4, we would like the children to complete at least 5 tasks throughout the half term. We would then like you to bring your homework book into school to share your work with the class on the following days:

Monday 23rd November

Monday 14th December

We look forward to seeing your fabulous work!


Home Learning 7th and 8th January

Please find a selection of activities for your child to complete on Thursday 7th January and Friday 8th January:


Thursday 7th January


Please watch the video 'add two 4-digit numbers: one exchange' using the following link

Once finished, please complete the worksheet attached underneath.




Complete the attached comprehension around local hero Marcus Rashford!



Use any outdoor space to practice your portrait skills from last term. Pick a still life image e.g. tree, garden, building to draw a detailed portrait.


Friday 8th January


Follow the PowerPoint and practice fluency/problem-solving skills.

Complete 8 of the attached problem solving questions around yesterday's maths.



Use this link ( to learn about setting descriptions. Once you have completed the activity. Write some sentences about a chosen setting!



Research and plan out a healthy meal for an athlete. Think about what nutrients you need to make it balanced and produce energy. You might even want to have a go at making it!