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A big thank you for all of your hard work supporting your child at home with their reading. Learning to read and developing a love of books is so important. Keep up the good work!


This half term we are basing our reading and writing around our topic of 'Where in the World Are We?'. The first text we are using is a version of Aesop's traditional tale The Town and Country Mouse retold by Miles Kelly. This is such a wonderful story and we have lots of exciting activities planned. The aim will be for the children to write their own re-telling of the story. They have all grown so much in confidence in their writing and we know they will do a fantastic job! 


We will then be moving onto a beautiful book called Tree: Seasons Come, Seasons Go by Patricia Hegarty. Through this unit, the children will work to produce a short information text about the seasons which links in with our Science work on Seasonal Change. They will look at features of non-fiction texts and then use this to create their own. We can't wait to see how they get on.


Phonics will continue to be taught daily following Letters and Sounds. The children are given daily opportunities to apply this in reading and writing activities as well as in the continuous provision activities. We are now working within Phase 5 of Letters and Sounds.




In maths this half term, we continue to focus upon addition and subtraction within 20 and applying this to solve one step word problems. We will also continue to build confidence counting on and back within 100 and finding one more and one less than numbers;  reading and writing numbers to 100; doubling and halving numbers within 20 and quickly recalling number bonds to 20. We will be revisiting telling the time (o' clock and half past) and common 2D and 3D shapes and their properties. 


We also have daily Ambitious Arithmetic lessons where the children practise their mental maths skills. 


Any additional work you can do to support your child reading and writing numbers would be greatly appreciated.







Oh no! A video that was made for us to watch about the UK has been stolen and now Year 1 has been called upon to help re-make it. This will take all their geographical knowledge and skills to make an exciting and informative film about where we live! 


Our topic this term is 'Where in the World Are We?'.Through this geography based topic, the children will learn about where the United Kingdom is and what countries make up the United Kingdom. We will name the capital cities of the UK and then investigate Manchester, Stockport and Offerton. The aim is that the children have a greater understanding of their own locality and its place in the wider world. We will incorporate Art, D&T and Science into the topic through the work we do on plants and animals. 


The questions that we will investigate are: 

  • Where is the United Kingdom?

  • What are the capital cities of the United Kingdom?

  • What animals do we live with?

  • What features can animals share?

  • What makes Stockport?

  • What is it like where we live?

  • What plant is it?

  • What can we find in our school grounds?

  • How can we use plants?