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Summer 1: All Creatures Great and Small 


The start of our final term in Nursery will start with a reflection of the celebrations many people will have enjoyed recently since Easter weekend has just passed and the Muslim celebration of Eid-ul-Fitr occurs during this week, marking the end of Ramadan. 


We will then enjoy learning about caterpillars by observing living caterpillars grow in the Nursery and by enhancing our outdoor area to become a place for small insects to grow and flourish. Children will learn about  about what they will need in terms of food and shelter by growing flowers and plants and creating special places for them to live. 


Towards the end of this term we will begin to learn a little about our country's monarchy with the build up to celebrating Her Majesty, The Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations!


The focus for teaching and learning will continue to be in the Prime Areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum which are Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language and Physical Development.


  • Self-regulation - remember rules without needing an adult to remind them 
  • Managing Self - Develop sense of community taking responsibility by caring for ourselves, others and by looking after resources
  • Building Relationships - Find solutions and begin to negotiate when playing together. Talk with others to resolve conflicts.



  •   Listening, Attention and Understanding                                                                                                                                - listen to simple stories and understand what is happening             

                              - Understand simple questions about who? what? where? and why?

                              -begin to hear and say initial phonemes in words

                              - begin to identify syllables in words by counting and clapping 

                             -begin to hear and orally say some sounds in short words. 


  •   Speaking

                           - using a wider range of vocabulary  

                            - to speak in longer sentences (4/6 words)

                            - to develop communication but may have problems with plural, tenses and multisyllabic                                         words

                           - start a conversation and continue it by taking turns 

                            -use talk to organise themselves in play           





  • Gross Motor Skills

                         -run avoiding obstacles and other children

                         - to use large muscle movement to wave ribbon, paint and make marks

                         -move on various large equipment eg balance on blocks, tricycles

                         -to begin to respond to music and rhythm with movement 

                         - decide to move according to the task eg climb, crawl, walk or run


  • Fine Motor Skills 

                          - to use a comfortable grip with good control when holding pens and pencils 

                          -use one-handed tools and equipment for example cutting with scissors