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Summer Sun, Sea and Fun! 

Our Early Years theme for this term is a Summer Sun, Sea and Fun!


Following the glorious sunshine enjoyed over the Whit holidays by many of our Nursery children and hearing so many reports of trips to the seaside and holidays by the beach, we have decided to celebrate summer with a topic based on summertime and seaside fun.

With the seaside being our starting focus we will be encouraging the children to  lead where the topic will take us! Will it be exploring the oceans of the world and learning more about under the sea animals, will we learn more about travelling the over, across and under the sea or maybe the chaos caused by pirates living out at sea? 


The focus for teaching and learning will continue to be in the Prime Areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum which are Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Language and Communication and Physical Development.



Nursery 1:

  • Learning about their new environment and building relationships with staff and other children.
  • Developing the independence in their environment

Nursery 2:

  • Looking after new friends and what it means to be friendly
  • Challenging ourselves to try something new by having a go at  the Rainbow Challenges
  • Recognising when we or others are resilient and keep trying even when we find something difficult
  • Developing friendships by thinking about what it is to care for others, to work as a team, to problem solve difficult moments in play and to celebrate our friend's achievements. 
  • Learning what it is to be safe around water




Nursery 1: 

  • To begin to listen to small group discussions. 
  • To develop an understanding of the routine of the school day. 
  • To begin to talk about their needs and wants to others.

Nursery 2:

  • To develop our own stories verbally using Tales Toolkit 
  • To listen to learn during group time and think about the discussion or question. 
  • To explore sounds in words 
  • To join in with familiar rhymes, explore rhyming sentences and create rhyming strings 
  • To talk about ideas, explain marks they see or make and ask questions to find out more.


Nursery 2 children will continue to have daily phonics sessions this term. The quick 20 minute sessions will have a focus on words. Making sounds in words with our mouth and hearing different parts of a word (phonemes and syllables)

Once settled, Nursery 1 children will listen to and join in with rhymes and familiar stories to develop listening and attention skills. 



Nursery 1: 

  • To move with an awareness of others 
  •  To explore our Creative Area with marking making equipment  
  • To begin to develop independence when toileting
  • To know that we can say 'stop' to someone if we don't like it and we can tell others if we are worried or upset. 

Nursery 2:

  • To catch a large ball
  • To explore moving in different ways - crawl, stride, skip
  • To explore balancing on feet and on equipment 
  • To develop control when drawing simple shapes
  • To use equipment safely
  • To colour and cut with purpose
  • To follow instructions when mark making for early writing - going up/down/across, create curved/straight lines
  • To begin to copy letters from our name 


Young children's physical development includes the way they move around the inside and outside areas of Nursery and those smaller movements which require more control so pouring, drawing and manipulating for example construction and playdough. It also includes self care so toileting, feeding, dressing and having an awareness of our surroundings and what you are doing so that you are safe.